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Remodeling and Home Design

Langin Designs, Inc.
Established since 1993, we are designer-creators of custom furniture and interior-fitted cabinetry. Interior designers, contractors, decorators and clients alike have come to us in order to execute their ideas. Every piece we design for you receives the same high level of personal attention.

We will work closely with you from the design and development phase through the selection of quality materials and finishes in solid wood or beautiful veneer to ensure that our installations suit your every need.

Throughout the entire process, we will guarantee for you the highest quality work in the industry.

Our recently purchased state-of-the-art cutting and shaping equipment, acquired from the best German manufacturer, gives us the flexibility to better serve your needs throughout the most creative of designs.

Francois Langin.
True to his family tradition and inspired by the “Compagnons” of the ancient European guild system, Francois Langin inherited a love of fine woods and the talent to transform them into extraordinary works of art. Through this inheritance, he has dedicated his professional life to this passion.

Graduating with a degree in furniture design from the University Compagnonique in Lyon, France, François Langin, at only 20 years old, was commissioned to work for the King of Morocco, Hassan II. He spent two years transforming the king’s summer palace in Agadir. Following this commission, François spent time in the Philippines where he acquainted himself with a variety of exotic woods, such as makore, narra, bubinga, imbuya, and macassar ebony. This led to his mastery and depth of understanding of some of the world’s highest quality natural materials.

Francois’s unique position in his industry is deeply influenced by the craftsmen and artisans of an ancient guild system; one that dates back to the 12th century. The authenticity, the skills, and the integrity of these craftsmen have been an inspiration to Francois since he was a youth in Annecy, France. This beautiful town, known as “the Venice of the Alps,” inspired François through its exquisite architecture and artistry.

His high profile clients include the NFL professional Todd Lyght and the actor Johnny Depp. His work has been showcased at the Pacific Craft Show of Orange County Museum of Art.